Reviewing and Rating Beliefs

Everyone rates books differently there is no two ways about that. You can even rate books differently depending on the place you are rating them.

Typically on my Goodreads, I try to write reviews, but they are small as I fear spoiling people for something. I do rate everything I read even if it gets a small review or not. Due to Goodreads not having a halfing or quartering system in place, I have come to not use halves or quarters when I rate books. I will sometimes mentally put it at a half or quarter and round.

A five star read for me is a book that I loved even if it was not perfect as I realize perfection does not exist. A four star read for me is a book a liked quite a bit. For the last several years, my my most rated section has been four stars. A three star read for me is kind of average; I can find some redeeming qualities in it and overall enjoyed it. A two star rating is a book that I disliked; I don’t typically give this rating out, but it has happened. A one star rating, which I have not given out as I typically avoid books I believe will lead to such ratings, is something I feel has no redeeming qualities whatsoever.

On this page, however, I do plan to change how I review a bit. I want to write longer and more thought out reviews on books I feel strongly about. I believe that it’s best to say that I believe that most reviews will probably contain spoilers, which will allow me to be able to discuss more freely the sequels to books as I hadn’t been before. I don’t plan to change how I rate books as I’ll still use whole numbers as to make sure my Goodreads make sense still, at least to myself. I plan on elaborating more on “mental halves” went up or down.

Hopefully this will all make sense as time goes on.



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