The Westing Game by Ellen Raskin


The first time I read The Westing Game was in the sixth grade. To be frank, it was the fast accelerated reading where we skipped chunks and then watched a movie based on it and called it a day so I didn’t remember much of it.

The mystery begins at the reading of Samuel Westing’s will and a game begins to find out who is worthy of the fortune left behind. Sixteen very different characters are partnered up by the will to find, well they aren’t sure what they are looking for. The next chunk of the book is the heirs trying to figure out the clues.

Things I enjoyed:

  • I enjoyed trying to figure out who the “bomber,” “thief” and “mistake” were; I got two-thirds of them as the “thief” came as somewhat a surprise to me.
  • Turtle was such a treat of a character. You could really tell that, despite alternating between quite a number of third points of view, Turtle was the main character. Her relationship with Flora was very beautiful.
  • Chris Theodorakis and Denton Deere’s guess that every person was given the perfect partner because they were.
  • The end of the Westing Game as most heirs saw it. It was rather touching
  • The real thing that was being sought by the heirs was such a pleasant surprise.
  • Crow and Otis Amber were adorable.
  • The setting and Sunset Towers.

Things I didn’t quite enjoy:

  • My major issue was with all the third point of view characters. I understand that it was necessary for the plot, but I feel like the story was all over the place.
  • Turtle’s decision not to tell anyone at the end. I understand that what occurred may have upset the heirs, but at the same time she should have told her husband.
  • Turtle’s marriage to Theo Theodorakis. it seemed to come out of nowhere especially as he had a crush on her sister during the game.
  • Angela’s reunion with Denton Deere. Their breakup made sense as Angela didn’t seem to really want it and wanted to be a doctor more. I suppose they got back together because Angela became her own person, but having them reunite the chapter afterwards felt strange.

Overall, I really enjoyed this read. Four out of five stars.

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