Cramathon Wrap-Up

The cramathon began with me forgetting that the cramathon started. I actually forgot all about it until the late hours of the first day. Forgetting was a mistake, but with work and the holidays it somehow happened.

When I remembered the readathon had begun late Saturday, I started reading Zero’s Familiar volumes 4 and 5. I rated both volumes five stars. I didn’t continue reading the series next because I knew it would lead me to buying all the sequels books.

On Sunday after deciding that swapping for a 6AM shift would be no sweat, I realized I was very wrong and also tired. I ended up finishing Hate List by Jennifer Brown shortly after arriving home; I gave this book four stars and may have a review up for it at a later time.  I continued on this reading streak and read the Miserable Mill by Lemony Snicket. I’m pretty sure this is my least favorite of this series so far, but I still gave it three stars.

The main thing I accomplished during this readathon was finishing the last four volumes of Death Note. While reading volumes 9 and 10, I was wondering why the series hadn’t ended sooner as I was starting to get bored; this resulted in this bind up receiving three stars. I continued this belief into volume 11, but  what happens to Light at the end of the series was redeeming enough for me to give the last bindup four stars. Overall, I think the series started to slump after the character L stopped existing in the story.

I didn’t end up reading anything out of either bindup as I wasn’t feeling them at the time. Despite not reading anything from a bindup nor a book I previously did not finish, I still managed to read five things which I’m okay with.




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