Top 5 Wednesday: Fandoms

This question is always very hard for me. What’s your current favorite fandoms? It’s a question that comes up every month when the Geek Girl Pen Pal club signups occur and this week it is with Top 5 Wednesday was created by Lainey. I’m going to name my current top 5, but maybe this will become an ongoing thing.

In no particular order:

5. Story of Seasons/Harvest Moon/Rune Factory

Top Game: Rune Factory 4. Bottom Game: Harvest Moon: A New Beginning

Okay. So I’ve been in love with this series since the beginning of my little gaming career. Actually, I’m pretty sure this was the first game series I ever played on my own. I don’t know if the romance or the farming aspect had me hooked, but I’ve been a fan for most of my life. It’s come under many names and types and maybe one of these days I’ll make a list of my favorites because there is so much to talk about for this game that I can’t fit into this. Needless to say is every rendition can be somewhat addicting.

4. Legend of Zelda


Quite possibly the second game I ever played on my own. Revisiting this game series on the 3ds has been such a treat. I also continue on in my tradition of naming my first playable character Abe; something I’ve done since I was young. I think it’s the world that pulls me in.

3. Harry Potter


Yes, that is a selfie being used to represent Harry Potter. Here’s a shameless plug to my previous post about how I’m a Hufflepuff which I feel perfectly explains the reason I’m picking Harry Potter, but in short the answer is love.

2. Disney

left: from the tsum tsum app. Upper right: a part of a mug I own. Lower right: from the disney kingdom game. 

I’ve loved Disney and basically anything Disney has made as long as I can remember which gives this spot on my list as a no brainer.

1.  Hamilton


If you ask anyone, I’m obsessed with Hamilton. I even did the book tag. Since first hearing Hamilton, I haven’t gone more than a day without listening to at least some part of it. It’s basically if love of history and music had a baby and I’m loving every minute of it.


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