The Perfect Guy (2015) Movie Review

The Perfect Guy

Plot: Lobbyist Leah longterm relationship with Dave has recently ended when she meets Carter. Carter appears to be the perfect man, but when his dark side is shown, Leah realizes she’s in danger.

Background: I had seen the trailer for this during a horror movie I saw last year. It was the only trailer in the before the film that had interested me, but I quickly forgot about it. The reason I watched this movie was it was the movie I knew the most about that my mom had offered to watch with me.

Overall: I was greatly unimpressed by this movie. I think it portrayed the difficulties of keeping a stalker away nicely. I was also pleased that the gave the stalker a background in IT as to counter to the probability of his remote accessing things in her home. A chunk of this movie was spent worrying about probability of things that were happening which took away from the enjoyment of the film. I spent the biggest chunk of this movie only caring about the cat’s well-being. The rest of the movie was correctly guessing what was going to happen. Carter was not a consistent character. His breakup with Leah is brought on by his beating of someone speaking to her; however, later on he manages to keep his cool extremely well as Leah and Dave go about their lives including as he sees them have sex.

Spoilers: The spoiler thoughts mainly lie with the probability. Firstly, everything that happens with the annoying neighbor. The neighbor probably would have noticed him the first time he came and stole the cat as she noticed him the second time he showed up. Also after Carter kills the neighbor, Leah never mentions how she hasn’t been seen. There is no conclusion as to what happens with the neighbor. I was really bothered with how easy to stealing the cat seemed; cats don’t just warm up to people enough to be stole. I also don’t think the bed was large enough to not squish Carter when Leah and Dave have sex on it while he’s under it. Lastly, I don’t know a lot about cars, but I feel like the likelihood of Dave crashing due to loose bolts in the manner he did seemed unlikely. Additionally, I don’t think just because he crashed they wouldn’t have done an autopsy if Leah was as worried as she was about Carter being behind Dave’s death.

Rating: 2.5 out of 5 stars.



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