Impulsive Library Trip~How I Library

I love the books, a lot. While I do enjoy owning books, I love getting them from the library as well. I never feel guilty after a good library trip; however, normally, I request the books I want from the library and normally just get my holds. Today was not that kind of day.

I’m familiar with my library’s young adult section. It’s purple shelves call me from the door. Right next to the new young adult releases is the manga section. Across the way from the new releases is the several shelves of the young adult books. I have been given a very helpful and important rule: If I can carry it; I can check it out. This rule is especially important as my library’s check out limit is 100 books/graphics/ebooks/audiobooks for three weeks at a time for up to three times.

Typically when I go to the library I start with the manga sections. Most of the time, I check out ever first volume I find that I haven’t read because you never know when you’ll find your next favorite manga series. Today I found the first volume of nine new manga series.

After I hit the manga section, despite being beside the new releases, I cross the way and search in the young adult section for interesting covers or books I remember from booktube or goodreads. This keeps me from being disappointed by not finding things on from my to be read pile even if some books I pick up are not on it yet.  This search yielded me ten books.

Next, I return to the new releases. This way I don’t wind up with too many books that will end up needing to be return immediately. I only pick up new releases that I know are on my to be read list. This way it doesn’t wind up further down my checked out pile. I only checked out one book from the new release section.

Finally, I make my way to the counter. I place everything I’ve planned to check out down then fetch my holds if there are any; this time I had one book on hold. Then I begin the check out process. While checking out my books, I tend to sort them for easier transport which somehow binds how much I can carry to a larger number.

I found today to be pretty successful.

here I am with all the regular books I’ve obtained

Total items currently checked out: 26 items~12 books, 13 manga volumes, 1 ebook.


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