OTP Book Tag

Pick an unpopular OTP that you ship
Starting off strong by saying I was team Jacob back in the day and felt it an injustice he was given a child as his romantic interest.

Pick an OTP that you didn’t ship at first but do now
Hermione and Ron from Harry Potter. It took me sometime to adjust to that as I thought the direction the books were going was Harry and Hermione when I first was reading them.

Pick your most hated NOTP
Okay so I have two from Harry Potter. The first is not that too bad, but I can’t ship Neville and Luna. I feel like they would be good friends, but I just can’t see it romantically. The second is Snape and Lily; I doubt if Snape’s “plan” had worked that Lily would want to be with him anyways

Pick an OTP that took way too long to get together
Magnus and Alec from the Mortal Instruments. This is a ship I wanted from book one. Sigh.

Pick your favourite non-canon OTP
I’m being technical with this one but I ship Achilles and Patroclus so hard. In the Illiad they technically weren’t an official couple, but they were to me and so many people that it’s actually considered fact. If you want a book where they are canon I do recommend The Song of Achilles.

Pick Your favourite BROTP
Percy and Grover from the Percy Jackson series. I didn’t realize how much I loved them together until Annabeth was absent from the equation in book three, but that’s my fault because I was so focused on Percy and Annabeth.

Pick an OTP you adored in the books but not as much in the movie or tv adaptation
Katniss and Peeta from the Hunger Games. I feel like whomever was making the movies wanted Katniss and Gale together because Peeta seemed so helpless; book Peeta lost a leg and wasn’t half as helpless.

Pick a popular OTP that no matter how hard you tried you just can’t ship it
Artemis and Wade from Ready Play er One. The first read through I felt like maybe I could, but on the second time,  I feel like Artemis was too good for Wade.

Pick your favorite LGBT+ OTP
Simon and “Blue” from Simon Vs The Homo-Sapiens Agenda. Their emails were so cute and I was very happy when they finally got together.

Pick your all time favorite OTP/s
any I’ve mentioned above
Percy and Annabeth from the Percy Jackson series
Lizzie and Darcy from Pride and Prejudice
Lennie and Joe from The Sky Is Everywhere
Harry and Ginny (book Ginny not transparent movie Ginny) from Harry Potter
Cinder and Kai from the Lunar Chronicles (at this point I’m on book two)

I felt like doing this tag all on my own. The tag was created by Kristin Reads

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