Currently Watching #1

Although I don’t keep up with TV shows while they are airing,  because I love to binge watch, I do watch a lot of TV. Here are five shows I have been recently watching.


Plot: Unorthodox profiler, Will Graham, is enlisted by the FBI’s Jack Crawford to help catch serial killers.
How I’m watching: Amazon Prime
Where I’m at: Season One, episode 9: Trou Normand
Why this show: I’ve been really curious about this show for sometime as I’ve seen a few of the movies about Hannibal and heard this was a “backstory” of sorts even though we know where it ends.
Thoughts: This is a show that, although I’ve binge watched a few episodes, I can’t watch in large chunks due mostly to stylistic choices that leave me a little nauseous.
Favorites: Will Graham is such a complex character that I can’t help but love.I lalso love seeing the actor who plays Jack play a good guy.

Plot: The small town of Broadchurch is getting ready for it’s tourist season when 11yo Danny is found dead. The first series follows the hunt for Danny’s killer.
How I’m watching: Netflix
Where I’m at: I just finished series one
Why this show: A friend recommended it and I basically have come to see it as “an episode of Criminal Minds that lasts a whole season” while going in depth how those affected deal with it.
Thoughts: I watched the entire first series instead of sleeping one night before work. I actually messaged my friend while in tears during an episode calling him the devil; it is that emotional. I did figure it out, but not through a conventional method.
Favorites: I loved realistic the show felt. Keynotes were the grieving family, the media and how the police found key suspects.

Plot: Sarah, an outsider and orphan whose life changes dramatically after she witnesses the suicide of a woman who looks just like her. Hoping her life will improve by clearing out the dead woman’s bank account finds her problems multiplying instead, as she does as well.
How I’m watching: Amazon Prime
Where I’m at: Rewatching the first Season, Episode 9: Unconscious Selection, before starting season two
Why this show: As it is probably apparent, I love thrillers. This show was described as a sci-fi thriller.
Thoughts: As I found myself needing a rewatch, this show is definitely beneficial to my binge watching lifestyle. I figured out the “twist” in the first episode, but otherwise the show has been very thrilling for me.
Favorites: I love all the girls, but Cosma is my favorite. Tatiana Maslany’s acting is so spot on that I actually have to remind myself that it is one person playing several characters.

Plot: This show is the world from a baby’s point of view.
How I’m watching: DVD collection
Where I’m at: Season One, Episode 8:  Real or Robots/Special Delivery
Why this show: I’ve been watching this as a a way to relive my childhood. I’m also watching to see how the show is with “adult” eyes.
Thoughts: I’ve been finding myself amused at the grownups and how absent yet proactive they are; in the episode Momma Trauma,  Stu and Didi take Tommy to a psychiatrist and he escapes unnoticed. I’m curious as to when the episodes themes begin to become less dark as I remember the later seasons to be. In the episode Ruthless Tommy, Tommy was kidnapped in believing him to be a millionaire’s son.
Favorites: My favorite Rugrat has and will always be Chuckie. It’s funny to see how he started as the skeptical one and ends up being the “scaredy cat.” I love how I remember the basics of many episodes, but few in full detail.

Plot: A group of six ponies who go on adventures and learn the values of friendship.
How I’m watching: Netflix
Where I’m at: Season Four, Episode 9: Pinkie Apple Pie.
Why this show: I typically watch this when I’ve been having a bad day. Somehow, the ponies always seem to cheer me up.
Thoughts: As a lover of cartoons and Disney movies, it upsets me about the negative connotation that sometimes comes with saying you like this show; the previous show I mentioned is more likely to get cheers than this one because it’s “older,” but I love both equally.
Favorites: Fluttershy is my favorite pony out of the bunch, but I do love all the ponies. My favorite episodes are the ones for the major arcs and the episodes involving the Cutie Mark Crusaders.



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