#SlaythatSeries TBR

This readathon is hosted by Sara and Chami . It lasts eight days starting on Sunday, March 13 at midnight and lasts through Sunday March 20 at ll:59 PM. The goal is to “slay” the series you’ve been neglecting. It has instagram and twitter as well which is always cool.


book two of three

As the cover suggests, this is the sequel to I Hunt Killers. The story is about a boy named Jasper whose father is an infamous serial killer. I figured this readathon would be the perfect time to continue this because of the theme.

book three of four

I’ve been slowly making my way through the Lunar Chronicles. I waited almost four months before reading the second book after completing the first and this one is based on my favorite fairy tale, Rapunzel. Which is probably why I managed to put it off until now.

only book currently out

This book has been in my possession since it was released because I love history and Alexander the Great. In case it was forgotten, I love to binge and hate waiting for new things. This book is a prime example of “I know I’ll love it, but haven’t gotten to it because I hate waiting.” Well, I’m going to women up and get to this.

book one of six

This one is a reread and a book from my top five series to start this year. Since I know how it goes it should be a nice easy read so I can continue on to the next book. I’m also counting as something to slay as I’ve only read the first three and own all of the Mortal Instruments books so I seriously need to get on with it.

This is a tentative to read pile because I have a tendency to not follow them for readathons and I never know what I’ll pick up from the library.. Hopefully I’ll have more series progressed than before at the end of the week.


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