The Big Rewind By Libby Cudmore Review


Plot: When Jett finds her neighbor, Kitkat, murdered after she accientally receives a mixtape meant for Kitkat in the mail,  Kitkat’s desperate sister asks to see if Jettcan solve the case before it goes cold leaving her with Kitkat’s mixtape collection which Jett finds herself relating to.

Thoughts:I’m not sure what this book was trying to be.Was it about Kitkat’s murder? Was it about Jett’s past relationships? Was it about all things hipster? Well, probably not the last one, but it didn’t shy away from all things hipster either.

Spoilers: About my first question, how it was solved and why Kitkat was killed seemed like a lifetime movie special. The man who sent her a mixtape, George, that Kitkat never received, due to Jett getting it, put a song on it that was written by an ex of his. The ex was upset about Kitkat having the song and being with George. About my second question, I found it unsettling that one second Jett is moping about  going through her “boyfriend box” and being upset about her ex-boyfriend who broke her heart again to in love with her best friend Sid. I also didn’t like the Sid being “in love” with a stripper side to that either.

Overall: My main thing about this story after the plot points that I did not enjoy as much, is that I felt underwhelmed by it. I enjoyed it while I was reading, but otherwise felt like something was missing or that the plot points didn’t tie as nicely together as I had hoped.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars.

I read this book as a part of my debut author challenge.




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