Hamilton Tag

Because I love Hamilton so much I’m doing the regular Hamilton tag which is about the musical itself.

1) How did you find out about Hamilton?
I believe I first heard about it when MaureenKeevy uploaded her book tag. I knew it was something I could like. I mean looking back like is an understatement.

2) Favorite Character?
Besides Alexander Hamilton because that’d be too obvious, I’m a big fan of Eliza because I find myself able to relate to her somehow. I also like Aaron Burr which is partly because he has some of the best songs and is the narrator for most of the musical.

3) Character you would want to play?
Eliza? Angelica?Jefferson? Washington? Burr? Any character even though I can’t sing…seriously though Eliza or Jefferson and I don’t have a good reason for the latter.

4) Favorite song to listen to?
Besides the whole album?  Non-Stop and What’d I Miss are my two favorites I think that is in part because they do so well in dividing the acts.

5) Favorite song to sing along with?
Burn and Wait For It are my favorite songs to sing along to which I find fascinating as they are other characters reacting to Hamilton’s actions.

6) Part you always mess up when you’re singing along?
I actually sometimes get this line right, but the line in Yorktown “It’s either that or meet the business end of a bayonet.” trips me up often. I think it’s because I can’t say bayonet on a good day.

7) Can you rap guns and ships?
ha. no. Up until the line about Guns and Ships I’m completely useless in rapping it, but afterwords I can maybe get one or two lines. I can however manage Hercules Mulligan’s lines in Yorktown which I consider a win.

8) Which cast member would you most want to meet?
Obviously Lin Manuel Miranda because he wrote the musical and all the other things he’s done that I love.

9) Have you seen the show?
I mean preforming it by myself is a show if that’s what you mean, but seriously no maybe one day. I think I’d need to prepare myself for every song following the Reynolds Pamphlet because normally tears flow from Burn until the end of the musical.

10) Have you read the book?
This is referring to the book the musical was based on, Alexander Hamilton, not the book published by Lin Manuel Miranda. Although I own it, I’m actually slightly putting this off until I can’t stand it anymore or November whichever happens sooner. I’m hoping to read the George Washington biography first strangely.

11) Favorite line in the show?
This seems to change with every listen, but the line that I was obsessed with first was “You have married an Icarus He has flown too close to the sun.” Seriously, I love Burn.

12)Five words to describe the show?
Addicting. Historically Accurate. Groundbreaking. Entertaining.

This tag was created by Jona’s Almost Famous and . I’ve also previously done the Hamilton Book Tag.


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