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While I do love reading, I sometimes go on what I’ve deemed “reading droughts.” I’d assume that the “reading droughts” feel like a reading slump, but they aren’t caused by the lack of will to read. No, I cause my “reading droughts” by getting sucked into video games; I think it’s called balance. Here are four games I’ve found myself lost in recently.


Type: Fantasy RPG.
Platform: Computer through Steam
Why this game: I found myself picking this up during a sale as it seemed interesting. Plus I could play something that looked like an elf, which always earns points in my book.
Thoughts: I’ve found myself more interested in the guild quest than the main story line. So far, I am liking the story overall.

Type: Fantasy RPG
Platform: Recently computer through Steam. In the past Xbox360.
Why this game: Every few months or so, I find myself back in with Dragon Age: Origins. I originally acquired it in 2014 and blew through it and the second one in around a month.
Thoughts:To me it is flawless ignoring the tough romance choices and lack of voice for your warden. Hoping to make new choices this time around.

Type: Farming simulator RPG
Platform: 3Ds
Why this game: The most recent installment in the official Harvest Moon series. I’ve loved this series since I was a young thing and although it has been out for a year, I’m still making my way through this.
Thoughts: It is a crime to only have two save slots and at least ten romance options.

Type: Fantasy MMORPG
Platform: Computer
Why this game: Enough badgering and listening to others liking it. I got curious.
Thoughts: How is this so addicting? Also I may have spent about two days making this my “pet simulator” by collecting quite a few of them.


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