8 Adult Things I Do Now

I recently read a blog post by the lovely Hannah Witton and it made me wonder what I do differently now that I’m an “adult.” Making this list made me feel more adult and like I wasn’t failing at being one.

  1. Put posters and pictures in frames.
    Okay so this is something I never found myself doing in my youth, but, now that I’m an adult, I find that I don’t want all my posters ruined by tape besides that it’s not appealing to look at.
  2. I make my own doctor’s appointments.
    I find myself making my own appointments I even pay for them and pick up my own prescriptions instead of hoping someone else will or pretending I don’t really need them.
  3. I frequently go grocery shopping.
    Gone are the days where I pretend I’m going to feed myself and then don’t. Gone are also the days where I only ordered take out. Although I don’t always eat at home, I do make more meals for myself than I used to.
  4. I actually use my calendar.
    I’ve owned some form of a calendar for most of my life; however I didn’t always use it to keep track of my life. It’s nice to have place with a list of all things you need to remember.
  5. I read nonfiction for fun.
    Now this isn’t a monthly task, but occasionally I really have an urge to read nonfiction works and most of them I end up enjoying.
  6. I have credit and good credit at that. 
    That was something I never thought I’d say.  Once upon a time, I never thought I’d need a bank account. I certainly never thought I’d be happy to watch my credit score increase.
  7. I actually feel the urge to clean. 
    This isn’t the most frequent thing, but sometimes I actually want to clean. I buy cleaning supplies when I start to run out and I even went through my wardrobe and got rid of things I don’t wear anymore fairly recently.
  8. I order for myself when at restaurants and try new things.
    There was a time when I wouldn’t order for myself do to somewhat crippling fear of judgement over what I was getting which, at some point, I “grew up” and overcame. I even go to and suggest restaurants I’ve never been and try different menu items at reoccurring locations.

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