Six Games I Want to Finish in 2016

I am a big fan of RPGs and video games with story-lines; however, sometimes I don’t end up finishing them in a reasonable amount of time. Being the halfway point of the year, I figured now was the time to get serious about what games I’m hoping to finish this year.

Games I’ve Put Time Into this Year:
1. Dragon Age SeriesI made my way through the first game in the series several times now, but I don’t think I have ever fully completed the second and third games. At this point I am almost finished with the second game, so maybe this is the year of Dragon Age completion.

2. Mass Effect Series
I have decided to replay this franchise on my computer and, unfortunately, I haven’t gotten very far into replaying despite how much I love this series.

3. Kingdoms of Amular: Reckoning Earlier this year I put around 16 hours into this game in a few weeks, but abandoned it when life started getting busy. I am hoping to finish this game off before the year ends because I was a big fan of how the story was going.

Games I Want to Start and Finish in 2016:
1. Vampires: the Masquerade- BloodlinesDespite what it appears to be, I have heard nothing but amazing things about this game and picked it up in a Steam Sale last year and want to get around to playing it.

2. The Witcher
One of my friend’s is obsessed with this game series and has since placed our Pathfinder campaign in it’s world. I feel like it’s about time to play this game and, maybe, give myself an advantage in our campaign. Unlike Dragon Age and Mass Effect, I will be completely content with having completed just the first game for this one.

3. OutlastWith the sequel coming out, I’m hoping to get to this horror game that I picked up last year during a Steam Sale. If I can not freak out too much that is.


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