May the Fourth Be With You Tag, Episode II: The Tag Strikes Back

1.How many of the Star Wars films have you seen in theaters so far?
The prequels and the most recent one.

2.What action sequence in any of the films is your favorite?
The battle over Sarlacc, the pit with the teeth, was super cool.

3.Given a chance to own a droid in the real world what kind would you like?
I feel like I could learn a lot from C-3PO.

4.Which score piece do you feel fits the scene perfectly?
The first piece I remember loving is the one I’m going to go with is: the Cantina Band.

5.Which Star Wars actor role outside of the Star Wars do you like the most?
Christopher Lee, who played Count Dooku, as Saruman in the Lord of Rings trilogy.

6.Which expended Universe Character (Cannon or Non Cannon) do you wish to see on the big screen?
He was already on the big screen, but Ki Adi Mundi. His race had a low birth rate so he was allowed to marry and have children which I think would have been interesting to see.

7.If you could re-cast one character in the films who would you replace with him or her?
I feel the cast was great even for the prequels, but if I had to pick maybe young Anakin.

8.Which character do you feel left us too soon?
Qui-Gon Jinn.

9.What is your honest opinion of the Family Guy Blue Harvest Trilogy?
I mean I’m not a big Family Guy person, but I guess it was kind of funny.

10.What is your favorite alien species and why?
Ewoks or Jawas both because of how they look.

11.Which planet in the entire Star Wars galaxy would you want to live on?
Naboo because it was super pretty.

12.Do you feel that the Star Wars/Star Trek rivalry serves a purpose today?
I’m not sure actually.

This tag was created by Stephen at The Lawn Gnome.


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