August Book Haul

These are mostly book that I got during the month of August, but also will include the miscellaneous that I’ve gotten since my last haul.

The first set of books I ordered on several different occasions on Amazon; bless having Prime for just this reason.

Pompeii is one of the most fascinating disasters in history to me and this book is about a company that recreates it, but there’s more secrets than that.



I got a copy of my favorite classic from last year.
I don’t buy as many comics as I’d like, but I got the first volume of this new comic.
This popped up in my Amazon recommendations and it sounds like a humorous DnD campaign, but in book form.
After finishing this at the beginning of August, I realized that I should have bought it to begin with.
This was a beautiful preorder that I’m hoping to get to soon.

The next two books are from Audible credits that I hadn’t used yet.

Because long books are the perfect audiobooks. I also want to get this particular cover of these books, but don’t want to wait to read them until then.
I keep hearing about this book recently and wanted to check it out and it was a decent length book.

The next three are also audiobooks because Audible was having a sale.




The rest of this haul are books from Bookoutlet because I have no control and wanted the Bookoutlet bear.

For December, when I want a holiday read since I don’t have one.
The main reason I caved and made my purchase; now I have both books in this series and I can’t wait to binge them.


Loch Ness monster is all it took to sell me on this.
In a recent purchase from Bookoutlet, I got the first book so why not get the second one?
Like the previous book, in another Bookoutlet order I got the first book so why not get the second?
Since I plan on binge reading Sherlock Holmes in September, it is only fitting that I have a retelling ready for afterwards.
This was the only book in my cart when I had started my order because I kept putting it in and taking it out and finally just got it.
This was a nostalgic purchase as I first read it when it came out in 2006 and wanted to reread it.
This is another, in the cart then out of the cart books, but, since finally reading The 5th Wave by this author, I felt it was time to finally get it.
The tagline is what sold me on this book: If you could trade your biggest burden for someone else’s, would you do it?

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