Diverseathon TBR

diversathonThis readathon is a community response to a video about diversity being unnecessary and is the brainchild of: Monica, Whitney, Joce and Christina. It takes place from Monday midnight September 12th until 11:59pm on Monday September 19th. The only goal is to read diversely.

Excluding the first novel on this list, I primarily plan on reading books that I have learned about since the video causing this readathon to occur happened.

Alex is the most powerful witch of her generation and she hates magic so when her plans to rid herself of magic on her Deathday backfires and instead erases her family, she must travel to the land in between to save them.

The next two books I found from the community made Google doc which has hundreds of recommendations.

This book is about a girl with Persian heritage who already feels like she sticks out when she starts to fall for a new girl in her school.
This book takes place in Iran and is about a lesbian couple who can’t be open for fear of their lives and one of the women considers gender reassignment to be with the one she loves.

The last book I want to read I learned about from Lauren on her channel.

This is a mystery book with a clearly stated bisexual character and that’s all I needed to hear.

To break up my novels, I chose picked a couple of superhero comics I had recently checked out from the library that starred characters from different backgrounds as myself.

After the newest Captain America movie, I was really interested in reading more about Black Panther.
Although I haven’t seen Suicide Squad, I was interested in Katana after seeing the previews so I checked this out.
From what I’ve heard, this comic stars Moon Girl and she is the smartest character in the Marvel universe and that was enough to sell me on it.

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