Library Haul

I currently have a ton of books checked out from the library so I figured I’d share the ones I have put on my Goodreads previously.


A pickpocket is trying to find a mythical firebird.


An out lesbian promises her father when they move to a small town to lay low her senior year, until she meets a girl she may like.
I honestly only know that this book has a druid and that’s all I need to know.
A contemporary about two best friends determined to stay together and get out of their town.


Historical thriller that takes place in an insane asylum.
Five girls have nothing in common, but their hatred for the same guy. They jokingly come up with the perfect way to murder him and then he ends up dead in that exact way.
A queer Cinderella retelling.
A queer Macbeth retelling.
A lesbian Hades and Persephone retelling.
This book is about an abusive relationship.



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