September Book Haul

I acquired a handful of books in the month of September, so I figured I’d share them now instead of later.

This has been on my radar for awhile and my library only had the ecopy so when I saw it for cheap when I was having a bad day, I had to get it.
I’m well aware I hauled the audiobook version of this last month, but I was so in love with it that I had to buy a physical copy
This is the sequel to the previous book and I’m super pumped to get to it. 
I ordered this one off Book Depository so I could have the pretty UK cover; plus it was cheaper than the US one.


I have actually all ready read and reviewed this book as I was that interested when I was preorder
This is a Russian folktale retelling and so I was extremely curious about it.


This one was on a special sale this past month and it seemed interesting enough that I felt it was worth a shot.
I used my Audible credit on this book this month as it had been on my wishlist for quite some time.
While I’m trying to read more classics, I’m finding that it is easier

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