American Horror Story: Murder House Thoughts

So, I am very late into the game on American Horror Story, but, as it is the reason I didn’t have another post planned out for today, I figured I’d express my thoughts on it here.

Why this show:
As this show is currently airing it’s sixth season and a lot of people are still hooked, I figured it was about time to try it out.

While I am not as blown away by this show as everyone else seems to be just yet, I feel like if I hadn’t known as many plot points awhile back from the internet, okay we are blaming Tumblr for this, I know I would have loved it more. Except the “theme song,” I skip that every time.

Favorite Episodes:
I think the turning point in the show for me was the Halloween two parter where I stopped casually watching it and ended up binge watching the rest of the season.

Favorite Character:
Image result for nora ahs
I don’t know when it happened, but slowly Nora Montgomery became my favorite character.

Will I continue on:
Short answer, yes. I like how none of the seasons seem connected currently and I know even less about the later seasons besides the themes so I may enjoy them more freely.


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