October Book Haul

Yet another compilation of books I bought. I don’t have a problem, right?

The justification for purchasing these two beautiful books is that: one, they were both five stars for me and two, I preorder it’s conclusion scheduled to arrive early November so why not have the whole trilogy.

29236299My only preorder this month was a book that is currently lower on my TBR as I want to reread it’s beginning before moving on. I also, apparently, previously forgot to shelve this on Goodreads.

BookOutlet Sale:
So, I admit that I went overboard during the most recent BookOutlet sale, which is in part the reason this post is earlier than normal, but I did get quite a few books I have previously read and loved.

15715844I read this back in my early days of Goodreads and fell in love and still think about it to this day so while looking for books I had previously loved, I snagged this one.

24337A book from childhood that I don’t remember much of, but want to reread.

12787708Not going to lie, but my main reason for getting this one is that Goodreads consistently recommends me it and now I’m just curious.

18049084Anytime someone mentions this book, it sounds fascinating and that dragged me in.

15793231Anytime I hear about this book, it just gets bumped further and further towards the top of my TBR pile, but it had been sitting in my cart since last month when it kept popping up after I read more books with difficult topics.

15993203This had been sitting on my to-own list for awhile and I figured now was a great time to fix that.

6245492Awhile back, I picked up the first two books in this series and apparently I believe it will be good enough to go into the third book.

26892110This was my, I remember hearing really good things about it, might as well try it, purchase.

Back when I was wary of adult fiction, I tried and loved The Winter Witch. It was one of my favorite impulsive reads. When I saw someone recently haul the other two books I got by her, I wanted them and The Winter Witch too.

23341259I finally own this book. BookOutlet had it and now it’s mine. This book was my proudest moment in this order because I liked it so much when I read it last September.



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