November Book Haul

Once again, I managed to acquire enough books that I deem it worthy of hauling now instead of later because I’ll probably do this again next month. General Purchases:  Preorders: Book of the Month, which I decided to join this month: Audible Audiobooks: The, yes I know I hauled books last month from there, BookOutlet: 

Recommendations: Nonfiction

Here are some of my favorite nonfiction books by the categories they fall in. Nonfiction Crime: Nonfiction Science: About the author’s struggle and diagonsis with a rare autoimmune disease Nonfiction Celebrity:   Nonfiction Mental Health: About the author’s stay at in  a psychiatric hospital. Nonfiction Historical: I do have more nonfiction books listed on my… Continue reading Recommendations: Nonfiction

Girl in Pieces by Kathleen Glasgow Review

My thoughts on this book are very complicated. This book has a severe trigger warning for self-harm, sexual and physical assault, drug abuse and alcohol abuse. Rating: 2 out of 5 stars It’s given that the main character, Charlie, would be complex as this is her journey with self-harm and recovery and wow was she complex.… Continue reading Girl in Pieces by Kathleen Glasgow Review