Making Time for Nonfiction

I know nonfiction isn’t for everyone, but when I find a nonfiction book I like it brings me joy.

However, I have noticed that prior to when I hit my reading goal each year that I am less likely to pick up nonfiction books for fun, despite year round adding them to my to-be-read pile.

With the start of Nonfiction November, I’ve been wondering if I’m too afraid that a large nonfiction book will put me in a slump or bore me even though I’ve read many excellent nonfiction books and if my rating system doesn’t transfer as nicely when reading nonfiction. Prior to the beginning of November, this year I’ve read eleven nonfiction books. Which in comparison last year’s total of eighteen books, I am happy that I’m reading more nonfiction, but it makes me wonder why I’m not making more time for nonfiction when I can dnf a nonfiction book as easily as I can a fiction book.

I should start making a conscious effort to make more time for nonfiction especially in topics that interest me.


2 thoughts on “Making Time for Nonfiction

  1. I find reading non-fiction really hard, I guess this is partly because I relate it to writing essays. I’m *trying* to read Happy by Derren Brown at the moment but even though it’s subjects I’m interested in, I’m really struggling through it. It would be great to hear some of the ones you found were good 🙂


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