Carry On by Rainbow Rowell Review

The following review is spoiler-free.

Me every time I finish a Rainbow Rowell book: I think I should give up on trying to love a Rainbow Rowell book the way everyone else does…then proceeds to try again.

The bad: I didn’t like how we were just plopped into the world and force fed about all the great stuff Simon had done, which had been a lot since this was book seven. I mean book one because that was the title it was given at the beginning which didn’t work since you know that you are in the middle of a story yet also at the beginning. I also get that this is from the same vein as Harry Potter, but the mage being a bad father figure was a little too…Dumbledore-ish for my taste.

The good: I did like Simon and Baz together. I liked how it wasn’t just in Simon’s perspective and that you got snip bits from the people around him.

Like I said, maybe I should just give up on Rainbow Rowell.

Rating: 3 out of 5 stars


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