11 Book-ish Resolutions for 2017

It’s that time of year again where you feel the need to improve on your life or set goals for yourself.

The goals:
1. Continue to be obsessed with my library, but also read my owned TBR more often. I have way too many owned unread books on my TBR that I want to get to that get set aside because I love my library. To assist with this goal, my wrap-ups will now feature a how many books I own that I read section, even if I did listen to the library’s audiobook copy.
2. Read at least 150 books. The last two years I set 100 books for myself and surpassed 200 so this year I decided to start with the goal of 150.
3. Be less generous with ratings. Also known as, I need to start giving out more 2 star reviews. If other people can give out 1 stars, the least I can do is not label everything a 3 unless I feel strong that it doesn’t deserve it because not all books are 3 stars at the lowest ranking and that’s okay.
4. Review more books in detail. In 2016, I only focused on detailed reviews for debut books and reviews I felt strongly about, unfortunately if it was in polarizing capacity in the book’s case. I want to write more reviews about the books I love too.
5. Read at least 12 debut novels, YA or otherwise. I did decrease my number of debuts that I wanted to read this year, but that was due to access being a trouble for the number I wanted to read more last year.
6. Read at least 12 classics. I still have quite a few classics that I want to get to so this goal continues to exist.
7. Read at least 12 non-fictions books, on any topics. In November, I wrote a post called, Making Time for Nonfiction, where I decided that I want to make a conscious effort into reading more nonfiction outside of when my reading challenge is completed and November; this is how this goal came to be.
8. Finish at least 5 series. I did a good job finishing up series and I want to get a few more crossed off; these series could be previously started or started this year as long as they get finished.
9. Reread at least 5 books. I don’t reread often, but I want to next year. I want to prioritize the ones I read so long ago that they are lacking reviews or dates read on Goodreads, but if favorites or previous books in series are reread as refreshers, that’s fine too.
10. Complete the standard Popsugar 2017 reading challenge. Last year, I completed the Popsugar reading challenge in July so I decided to give it another go for the third year in a row. Depending on how my reading goes, this may eventually include the advanced category.
11. Complete as many squares as possible on the  board, but complete at least two bingos. Knowing my reading and luck with bingo, I’ll probably have spots all over the board filled, but I want to have at least two bingos. As with the previous goal, this may eventually grow to include more bingo spaces.

Excluding any doubling up, which will very likely occur, but I won’t be tripling up, and not knowing which series I will finish in 2017, I’m left with 50 books to read.


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