Beautiful Broken Girls by Kim Savage Review

The following review is spoiler-free.


Plot: When Mira and Francesca  drown themselves in the local quarry the town is shocked, but then a post-mortem letter from Mira sends Ben on a quest to find notes in the seven places where they touched. Note by note, Ben discovers the mystical secret at the heart of Mira and Francesca’s world, and that some things are better left untouched.

Genre: Mystery

Why I requested this book: Redemption and to see if the author’s grown since I read her debut last year.

Overall: The story starts off strong with an excellent premise and beginning chapters, but falls apart along the way and ends terribly. Magical realism-like aspects were thrown in out of nowhere. I was upset that many story lines were never solved in favor of an unrealistic ending. Overall, I was hoping that the things that I previously didn’t like about this author’s storytelling would be redeemed; however, I’ve decided to part ways with her.

Rating: 2 out of 5 stars

I received an ecopy of this book through Netgalley; however, my opinions are my own.



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