On Reading Your Own TBR: A Ramble

In my New Year’s resolutions post, I mentioned that I wanted to read my own books more instead of neglecting them for library books and even went as far as to set a tangible goal for myself on twitter.

But why?

Why am I struggling to read my own books when I’m very excited to read them when I get them? I’ve found that as I’ve been reading my owned books TBR this month, I may have found the answer: I’m afraid. I’m afraid that the books that I buy for myself without having read them won’t be  as good as I thought they’d be. I’m afraid that I’d be left looking at them, shamefully, knowing I didn’t love them the way I once thought I would.

That’s a terrible reason. 

I ended up unhauling a large amount of books from my shelves as a result. I removed books that I’ve read and felt mediocre about. I removed books that I felt I wouldn’t love as I once would have.

And you know what? 

I feel more inspired to read the books I own. It’s still a work in progress and I will need to focus on reading my own books. I’m hoping to get down to less than 100 unread owned books by 2018.


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