April Book Haul

Surprisingly, this month I bought the least amount of books so far this year. It also seems to be the month where I bought the most nonfiction. Preorders: This book was one of my most anticipated releases of this year and oddly the only fiction book I purchased this month. While I ordered this book […]

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March Book Haul

Because I didn’t own the rest: My copy of Empire of Storms is the Barnes and Nobles edition and it is signed. Book of the Month Pick: Preordered: Won in a Giveaway hosted by Weezie:

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Currently Out: Library Haul

I have quite a few library books out and am hoping to get to them all within the next month, but here’s a list of the books I’m most looking forward to starting. I’m curious, as a person whose never seen Labyrinth, if I’ll enjoy this since it is a retelling of Labyrinth.   One […]

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January Book Haul

New year, more new books to read. I also got the first four Harry Potter books on Audible, but those aren’t new. Preorders: Book Depository: Random purchases: Books I somehow managed to forget last book haul, but have already read previously:

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November Book Haul

Once again, I managed to acquire enough books that I deem it worthy of hauling now instead of later because I’ll probably do this again next month. General Purchases:  Preorders: Book of the Month, which I decided to join this month: Audible Audiobooks: The, yes I know I hauled books last month from there, BookOutlet: 

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October Book Haul

Yet another compilation of books I bought. I don’t have a problem, right? The justification for purchasing these two beautiful books is that: one, they were both five stars for me and two, I preorder it’s conclusion scheduled to arrive early November so why not have the whole trilogy. Preordered: My only preorder this month […]

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