How I Rate Books

I typically follow the Goodreads rating scale with a few modifications on meanings.

One Star:
I do NOT use this rating. Typically books I’d find would be one star reads, I do not read.

Two Star:
I have only given this rating out a few times, but this review is typically for books I felt very meh or negatively about. Most of these end up being books I read for reading challenges.

Three Star:
This is my starting zone for rating books. Books will start here and gain, or rarely lose, points based on how much I enjoyed the book. These books were enjoyable, but potentially forgettable.

Four Star:
One flaw kept this book from reaching five stars, but I still thoroughly enjoyed this book and may reread it in the future.

Five Star:
These are my favorite books for various reasons. While they maybe flawed, I love them completely.

Ratings typically are based on initial response and mostly my feelings while reading them; they may change after reflection.
All opinions are my own.